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Business continuity is essential for any business, in addition with all the differing legislation you need to be able to safely store 5-7 years’ worth of relevant information, with respects to Financial, Operations and incidents.

This can be a real headache for any business...

How do you manage and store all this?

Where are you going to store it?

How do you keep it up to date?

How much will all this storage cost?

Superdata can provide Managed Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions that offer a multitude of options for example

  • Daily backup monitoring
  • Proactive intervention on Backups
  • Backup to the cloud (Take advantage of low cost storage)
  • Hybrid/Multi-level backup solutions (Mix traditional Tape with Cloud)
  • In the Cloud DR (Spin up new servers and be back to business within hours not days or weeks in the event of a disaster)
  • Traditional Offsite backups
  • Secure Global availability (access your data from anywhere at any time, safely and securely)
  • Fast-Realtime recovery of data
  • High Availability solutions (Hot-site, Cloud, or On-Premises)

Want to find out more on what we can do to protect your business. Contact Superdata on 9371 9998 or email us at admin@superdata.com.au.

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