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Our Managed security solutions offer some of the best in class protection to cover your digital security needs, this means that no matter what your IT environment encompasses we can provide a solution that will keeps your business running safely and efficiently.

Securing your IT environment starts with a strong front door, this means the implementation of enterprise grade firewalls and systems that inspect, encrypt and control traffic before it gets to your local environment, our solutions incorporate multiple systems that combined provide:

  • Behavioural based blocking (Stop known vectors of attacks)
  • Intrusion detection, and prevention
  • Secure multi-factor authentication for remote access
  • Encryption of traffic inside and outside the organisation
  • Around the clock monitoring & updating (always up-to-date)

The front door isn’t always the only way in! We have you covered for that as well, with the best in class internal solutions that provide:

  • Patch management (Covers all major vendors)
  • Desktop Anti-virus protection
  • Server Anti-virus protection
  • Vulnerability scanning (know where your weakness lies)
  • Data encryption
  • Application control (you decide what runs and when)
  • Secure backup & recovery

All solutions provide centralised management with both scheduled and on demand reporting is available.

Want to find out more on what we can do to protect your business. Contact Superdata on 9371 9998 or email us at

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